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FunctX XQuery Functions



Financial contributions

The most direct way you can support the FunctX XQuery Function Library project is through a financial donation. An enormous amount of development time went into this function library and Web site, and your contribution will ensure that the site continues to be maintained and expanded in the future. Suggested contribution: $1 per function that you use.


Function definitions and suggestions

You are encouraged to contribute your own function definitions (or ideas for function definitions) to this library by sending email to contrib@functx.com.

Bug reports and other comments

If you've found a bug in this function library, or you want to suggest improvements, please send an email to contrib@functx.com. Unfortunately, the editors of this site do not always have the time to answer general questions about XQuery syntax and how it is used in these functions. We recommend joining the XQuery Talk mailing list for general help with the language.

Datypic XQuery Services

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