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FunctX XQuery Functions

XML Namespaces and Names



functx:change-element-nsChanges the namespace of XML elements
functx:change-element-ns-deepChanges the namespace of XML elements and its descendants


fn:nameThe qualified name of a node, as a string
fn:node-nameThe qualified name of a node, as a QName
fn:namespace-uriThe namespace URI of a node
fn:local-nameThe local part of a node's name
fn:local-name-from-QNameThe local part of a QName
fn:prefix-from-QNameThe prefix portion of a QName
fn:namespace-uri-from-QNameThe namespace part of a QName
fn:QNameConstructs a QName from a namespace and local part
fn:resolve-QNameResolves a QName based on the in-scope namespaces of an element
functx:name-testWhether a name matches a list of names or name wildcards


fn:in-scope-prefixesThe prefixes that are in scope for an element
fn:namespace-uri-for-prefixThe namespace associated with a prefix, in the scope of an element
functx:namespaces-in-useA list of namespaces used in element/attribute names in an XML fragment

Datypic XQuery Services

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