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FunctX XQuery Functions

XML Documents, URIs and IDs


Opening Input Documents

fn:collectionOpens a collection
fn:docOpens a document based on a URI
fn:doc-availableWhether a document is available
functx:open-ref-documentResolves a relative URI and references it, returning an XML document


functx:id-from-elementGets the ID of an XML element
fn:idRetrieves elements by their ID
fn:idrefRetrieves elements that refer to other elements based on ID
functx:id-untypedGets XML element(s) that have an attribute with a particular value


fn:base-uriThe base URI of a node
fn:document-uriThe URI of a document
fn:encode-for-uriEncodes reserved characters for use in the path of a URI
fn:escape-html-uriEscapes all characters except printable ASCII characters
fn:iri-to-uriConverts an IRI into a URI
functx:is-absolute-uriWhether a URI is absolute
functx:scheme-from-uriReturns the scheme from a URI
functx:fragment-from-uriReturns the fragment from a URI
fn:resolve-uriResolves a relative URI to a base URI, returning an absolute URI
fn:static-base-uriThe base URI from the static context

Datypic XQuery Services

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