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FunctX XQuery Functions

XML Nodes


XML Node Information

fn:dataThe atomic value of a node
functx:node-kindThe XML node kind (element, attribute, text, etc.)
functx:sequence-typeThe sequence type that represents a sequence of nodes or values


fn:deep-equalWhether two nodes have the same content and attributes
functx:min-nodeThe XML node whose typed value is the minimum
functx:max-nodeThe XML node whose typed value is the maximum

Document Order

functx:first-nodeThe XML node in a sequence that appears first in document order
functx:last-nodeThe XML node in a sequence that is last in document order
functx:follows-not-descendantWhether an XML node follows another without being its descendant
functx:precedes-not-ancestorWhether an XML node precedes another without being its ancestor

Hierarchical Relationships

fn:rootThe root of the tree that contains the argument
functx:is-ancestorWhether an XML node is an ancestor of another node
functx:is-descendantWhether an XML node is a descendant of another node
functx:siblingsThe siblings of an XML node
functx:siblings-same-nameThe siblings of an XML element that have the same name
functx:leaf-elementsAll XML elements that don't have any child elements
functx:depth-of-nodeThe depth (level) of a node in an XML tree

Datypic XQuery Services

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